Important Information: COVID-19 Pandemic

Updated: 6 days ago

In recent days our nation has been plunged into crises. The church of the Lord Jesus is not immune to these matters. However, I am convinced by Scripture, informing my conscience, that the last thing the church should do during these times is to shut the doors and silence public worship. I am convinced that this is an opportunity to welcome any who would come to pray, praise, and hear God speak from heaven through the preaching of his Word. If the church succumbs to these matters, closes her doors to the needy and weak, what will she do when the hammer falls, and persecution breaks out?

Therefore, in direct consultation with your elder, the church doors will be open at 11 AM this Lord’s day, and every Lord’s day as he gives us grace and strength throughout this crisis. That decision has not been made lightly or callously. As your pastor, I am as mindful of your physical concerns and needs as I am your spiritual needs. Allow me to offer three practical, pastoral guidelines:

First, if you are genuinely captivated by conscience, and are at risk of contracting the COVID-19 virus, I encourage you to remain at home. I further encourage you to use the Lord’s Day faithfully and honestly before the God of heaven. Spend the day, listening to a sermon, praying, singing, and if a family, discussing the Word of God. If an individual use the time thinking through the Word of God proclaimed. You will be missed as one would miss a close friend or family member.

Second, if you are displaying symptoms, or are sick, then please, do not come to the public worship of God for the sake of your brothers and sisters. We will miss you and pray for you.

Third, for those who pass the first two tests above, the doors will be open. The public worship of God will occur. The praise and preaching of our God will happen. Come. Serve Him. Please exercise discretion and distance with others (proper handwashing, no shaking hands, etc.). We will worship at 11 AM only.

Fourth, in accordance with Gov. Bill Lee's executive order, we are limiting those in attendance to NINE only in the sanctuary. A live-stream option will be available as well as an annex room on the property.